Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Welcome to Occupy Tri Cities VA/TN

Thanks for checking in; we invite you to join us.

The energy behind this blog and our group began about September 2011 as a small mailing list discussion group. We started meeting because we were disappointed with the direction of progressive politics across a broad range of issues. Not long after we started meeting, the Occupy movement sprang up nationwide. We wish to associate ourselves (in a general way) with the Occupy movement, particularly to bring a set of rural platform issues into the goals of the broader movement.

We want to see the Occupy movement, including Occupy Tri-Cities, grow in strength, and implement progressive policies  nationally and locally. Watch our chapter's platform as it develops and integrates with the broader movement.

We are mostly clustered around Abingdon, VA. But we have affiliates in places like Johnson City and Kingsport, Tennesse; Damascus, Virginia, and Bristol VA/TN, so we're making common cause with others in our multi-state area and calling ourselves Occupy Tri Cities.